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Ministry for Natural Resources of Yakutia and ALROSA sum up cooperation

  • Published in Nature
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The Minister of Nature Protection of Yakutia, Sakhamin Afanasiev, held a working meeting with the ALROSA Deputy Chief Engineer for Ecology, Environmental Protection and Work with Indigenous Minorities of the North, Polina Anisimova. The aim of the meeting was to summarize the results of joint activities for the current year and to discuss further plans.

The Minister spoke about the main points of cooperation with ALROSA and highly estimated the results of cooperation for the field season of 2017.

"Activities of the environmental protection program of JSC ALROSA are being successfully carried out. I always make an example of the Company's positive experience of the protection of fauna objects. In the last hunting season, ALROSA did not allow illegal hunting when approaching technological roads and industrial facilities. The wild northern deer reached the Nyurba ulus and practically wintered there. Also, joint environmental studies of surface water bodies in the area of ALROSA activity are conducted. I want to thank the company for the successful cooperation and the provision of vehicles in the course of carrying out these studies. We selected and examined about 70 water samples, and the results of the studies showed that the situation was stable," said Sakhamin Afanasiev.

In addition, the Minister touched on other areas of joint activities: the sphere of water relations, monitoring of reservoirs during the production of emergency recovery work at the Mir mine, work with the natural park Living Diamonds of Yakutia.

In turn, Polina Anisimova said that in 2017, one of the important environmental protection measures is the fight against poaching.

"We install barriers, control posts of inspections; there are regular overflights and detours with employees of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and colleagues from the Directorate of Bioresources. In addition, work is under way to equip reindeer with collars to track migration routes. As for the work with the "Living Diamonds of Yakutia" natural park, we prepared the forages in time for the fodder in the spring, and the tasks set for us have been fully implemented. We plan to continue work with the park," she said.

Sakhamin Afanasiev thanked Polina Anisimova for fruitful cooperation and expressed hope for further effective work.