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Ministry of Natural Resources has a plan for debris removal in the Arctic

  • Published in Nature
musor v arktike 7

The RF Ministry of Natural Resources has drawn up a plan for debris removal from the Arctic, summarizing the information of regional road maps for the elimination of accumulated environmental damage; Izvestia was informed by the Ministry.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has sent a road map to the State Duma, after which the deputies appealed to the Minister of Natural Resources Sergei Donskoi with a request to allocate the necessary funds.

"The environmental situation in the Arctic is assessed as tense. One of the causes of environmental damage is the consequences of economic activity of the first wave of exploration of the Far North," the statement says.

One of the authors of the appeal, Vladimir Sysoev, believes that "it is necessary to adopt strict environmental legislation; otherwise we will not be able to make up for the losses."

Earlier, the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Environmental Protection identified 102 ecological sites, including 33 dumps of domestic and industrial waste, territories contaminated with oil products, as well as objects of accumulated harm by the mining industry.