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Nature protection of Yakutia is under high-tech control

  • Published in Nature
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In Year of Ecology, two modern Agilent laboratory complexes entered the arsenal of the republican system of environmental monitoring. They are able to effectively determine environmental pollutants, which previously could not be identified by other methods of analysis.

"We understand that with the active development of license areas and the arrival of new subsoil users we must be equipped with modern, high-tech equipment that will prove and give objective results based on monitoring activities,” stressed Minister of Nature Protection Sakhamin Afanasiev.

Laboratories with a total cost of 15.6 million rubles were purchased within the framework of the republican program of environmental protection. They are able to determine the components of rocket fuel, specific pollutants of the oil and gas complex, as well as simultaneously detect a wide range of chemicals, including rare earths and highly toxic (over 70) elements.

"We will be able to monitor the activities of subsoil users in a more qualitative way, the efficiency will increase, since the capacity of this equipment significantly exceeds the Russian counterparts,” - said the director of the Republican Information and Analytical Center for Environmental Monitoring, Lena Volkova.

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Yakut environmentalists believe that the introduction of high-tech laboratory equipment in the national environmental protection system will bring it to the level of advanced scientific institutions of the Russian Federation.

According to representatives of Agilent, today only a few scientific institutions in the country are provided with similar equipment; in the Russian Far East it has no analogues.