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Snowdrop Day in Yakutia

  • Published in Nature

Annually on May 18 Yakutia celebrates Snowdrop Day. Every year the number of these flowers decreases.

Snowdrop is a flower, a sign of the awakening of nature, a symbol of victory over death and the personification of hope after a cold and long winter. Not without reason the snowdrop is called the "brave" flower of spring. The very fact that this spring creation of nature hides under the snow is already making the snowdrop full of mysteries and secrets.


In many countries around the world, Snowdrop Day is celebrated in April. Its history dates back from England, where it was established in 1984. Since their flowering in the UK falls on the middle of April, this holiday was also timed to this period - the beginning of spring and warm sunny days, and today it has become popular in other countries.


In different countries, the flower is called differently. The British call it a snow drop or a snow earring, the Czechs - a snowflake, the Germans – a snow bell, and we call it a snowdrop (nyurguһun).

Unfortunately, today the snowdrop became a victim of human love. Therefore, at present most snowdrops are listed in the Red Book.

Photo courtesy: Aiar Varlamov

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