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White bear born in Yakutia will move to its grandmother

  • Published in Nature
Chto v nastoyaschee vremya proishod

A white bear cub born in the Yakut Orto Doydu Zoo will move to St. Petersburg in the future, reports the press service of the Leningrad Zoo.

Originally the daughter of Lomonosov and Kolymana grew up in a den, and for the first time appeared before the public in March this year. So far, the baby has no name. Polar bear named Lomonosov in 2012, moved to the Orto Doydu Zoo from the Northern capital, to join a she-bear named Kolymana.

At the moment, there is only one polar bear in the Leningrad Zoo. An elderly she-bear named Uslada is the grandmother of a born bear. Soon the grandmother and granddaughter will live together.

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