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Film critic Kirill Razlogov: Yakut movies - the main event of Berlinale

  • Published in Nature
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The main event of the Berlin International Film Festival this year was the entry of the Yakut films into the international arena in the program dedicated to the cinema of indigenous peoples. This was stated by President of the Guild of Film Critics of Russia Kirill Razlogov.

"When I was at the first International Film Festival in the capital of Yakutia  few years ago, I discovered a whole world, even though I already knew about the existence of this cinema. The film festival has shown not only the already well-known phenomenon of the Yakut school, but its inner artistic diversity. Then the focus of the classic spectrum was on the films of Nikita Arzhakov.  Few years ago I have shown his film The Cranes over Ilmen in my program The cult of Cinema in Culture TV channel. Then he did Sakha Sniper, and in Yakutsk and later in other festivals, he presented a movie - Marvelous time - about the youth of his generation in the middle of the last century," - said Kirill Razlogov.

According to him, the films selected from the variety of the Yakut cinema to be shown in Berlin, represent trends in visual anthropology: "It is a well known film - 24 Snow by Mikhail Barynin - one of the best documentaries of the past year. The symbiosis of the chronicle, mysticism and national epics in the film by Sergei Potapov, Dyosegey Aiyy (God of Dyosegey) makes it possible to sum a peculiar result of our participation in this big film festival."

In the NATIVe program of Berlinale International Festival there were three Yakut films – 24 Snow, Dyosegey Aiyy and Ogo kuyuurduu Turar (The Boy and the lake).