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Residents of Yakutsk Purchased Environmentally Friendly Products at the "Zhivoye Serebro" Fair

Landowners of 12 settlements of the Kobyaysky district have presented their production at the “Zhivoye Serebro” (“Live Silver”) trade fair. The exposition took place at Ordzhonikidze square in Yakutsk as part of the popular festival "Zima Nachinayetsya s Yakutii” (“The Winter Begins with Yakutia").

Goods producers and country farms offered furs, famous nidzhili carps and various freshly frozen berries to residents and guests of Yakutsk. Meat production was presented as well, such as beef, foal meat, pork, carcasses of hares and wood-grouse.  Dairy products enthusiasts could find oil, cottage cheese, sour cream and kefir.

The yakut traditional “munkha” games for prizes of the head of ulus Ignatiy Spiridonov took place along with the fair. Men of different age have participated in mass competitions in force and dexterity. The power competition of pulling 400 kilograms of carps became a spectacular attraction. This year northern landowners were not chosen accidentally. Today the Days of the Kobyaysky district in Yakutsk come to an end. They have passed in line of the 80 anniversary celebration of the area from November 29 to December 2. The plan of these days included an extensive cultural program, a fair and official events in which the set of the agreements aimed at the development of the area has been signed.


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American Scientist Has Presented the Permafrost Research Results in Yakutia

Results of the research include temperature monitoring of the top permafrost layer collected with the assistance of school students and teachers from the Russian Federation, the USA, Canada and Mongolia.

"The main goal of this international project is installation of devices on measurement of temperature of permafrost with participation of school students from the countries of the circumpolar world. It allows to involve local communities into comparative researches of permafrost degradation. Since the beginning of the project in 2006 me and my colleagues have managed to visit 500 schools and to involve about 50 thousand school students of the circumpolar world countries", - professor of the Alaskan university in Fairbanks Kendzhi Yoshikava has noted.

Implementation of the program was started by professor Yoshikava in 2006 with installation of devices in several schools of Alaska. In 2007 similar stations appeared in Scandinavia, Mongolia, Canada and Russia. In Yakutia the project is supported by the department of North maintaining NEFU and Institute of permafrostology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.
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In Yakutsk Flight Arrivals Are Delayed Due to Fog

In Yakutsk due to poor visibility the time and place of planes’ arrivals might be changed. "Today during the second half of the day the fog has amplified. Commanders of crew will make decisions based on the actual weather. Some planes might be able to land in spare airfields in Magan and Neryungri. A flight from Blagoveshchensk has landed in Neryungri", – a representative of the airport has told.

According to the online boards, arrival time of five flights has been changed at this moment. Air temperature around the airport is lower than -40 degrees.
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Khaarchaana Bear Is About to Be Moved to Saint Petersburg. The Cage Has Been Closed

In the "Orto Doydu" zoo the open-air cage with polar bears has been closed due to preparation for transportation of a female bear cub called Khaarchaana.

"The exposition "Polar bears" is closed due to preparation for transportation of a bear cub Khaarchaana. Now the she-bear is getting used to the shipping cage. It is a new place for her that’s why she sniffs and attentively studies it. Khaarchaana has to get used to her shipping cage to have a smaller stress when transportation will start. A toy which the tourist from Japan Chikhiro Kaneko has brought especially for Kharchaana will fly along with the bear to Leningrad Zoo", – it is said in the statement.

On November 30 Khaarchaana will be one year old. She is the first cub of polar bears Kolymana and Lomonosov. At the beginning of December 2017 the bear cub will go to Leningrad Zoo where her grandmother and Lomonosov's mother Uslada lives.
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It’s -42 degrees cold in Yakutsk

According to the Hydrometeorogical center of Yakutia, at 9 am in the morning the air temperature in Yakutsk went down to -42 degrees cold. School students of Yakutsk from grades 1 to 5 are spared of lessons at -45 degrees cold temperature, grades from 1 to 8 – at -48 degrees cold, and grades from 1 to 11 are spared of lessons at -51 degrees cold temperature.
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Yakutia Once Used to Be a Tropical Sea

A research associate of Novosibirsk State University and Institute of oil and gas geology and geophysics of Trofimuk of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science Igor Kosenko has proved that in the territory of present Yakutia there were tropical seas 145 million years ago.

Kosenko has found remains of ancient oysters on the coast of the northern Yakut rivers which became the main evidence proving the "warm" past of our Siberia.

Found oysters used to inhabit the territory of modern Yakutia in the late Jurassic-early Cretaceous periods. Their strong calcite shells are sturdy against processes and the phenomena which occur after their formation.

It has become clear that at the time of dinosaurs the temperature in water areas of modern northern Siberia was comparable to the water temperature in the Black Sea — +18... 20 degrees Celsius.
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Wood Bisons Were Released Into the Wild

30 wood bisons have been released on a free pasture on November 23 in the area Tympynay of the Gorny ulus. The party of bisons is released to natural habitat as an experiment.

"In the Year of ecology it is decided to make experimental release of a forest bisons’ party to natural habitat. Steady snow cover will allow for easier tracking of herd’s movements, at the same time employees of nursery will continue to feed up bisons. Thanks to it we expect to keep animals at first in a certain territory under observation of experts" — Yakutia’s minister of nature protection Sakhamin Afanasyev said.

Bisons were delivered to Yakutia from Canada in 2006. Today the total number of bisons in the republic is more than 170 species, 88 of which were born in Yakutia.
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Autotours across the Arctic winter roads have been launched in Yakutia

The travel agency "Visit Yakutia" has started two-week tours across winter roads from Yakutsk to Tiksi and the coast of the Laptev Sea.

The expedition will cover four areas of the republic. Exciting places have been prepared at each of them for tourists to visit. "Perhaps, the greatest interest for tourists will be attracted by the history of GULAG system with survey … camps" — the director of the company Bolot Bochkaryov has shared.

Thus travelers will visit camps of Yanstroy on the Topolinsky winter road. The winter road is the highway of thick snow which can be exploited only at subzero temperature.

Besides, tourists will be able to get acquainted with culture and life of indigenous people of the North during the meeting with reindeer breeders in the Topolinoye settlement, to ride through the azure ices of the river Adycha, to try their luck in ice fishing on Emanda lake and to visit the world-famous Pole of Cold — Verkhoyansk.

At the end of the trip tourists will see a deserted settlement of gold miners. "At last, they will witness…  the seaport of Tiksi with polar lights" — Bochkaryov has concluded.  Members of expedition will be moving around on the KamAZ car with a special van inside of which are 6 berths and a kitchen. According to creators, this tour was designed for those who have long been dreaming about passing through this route in comfortable conditions. The car will be accompanied by an all-terrain vehicle for safety. The trip will cost from 290 to 429 thousand rubles per person depending on the number of group members.
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“Caution, Don’t Fall!”: A Strong Wind In The Allaikhovsky Ulus Knocks School Students Off Their Feet

On November 22 in the “Russkoye Ustje” settlement of the Allaikhovsky ulus school classes have been cancelled due to bad weather. A strong wind which appeared the day before reaches 30 meters per second speed.

The wind has started blowing in the second half of the day on Tuesday when school classes ended. The video in which school students are coming back home has appeared on social networks.

"Wind gusts reach 30 meters per second. Day-offs have been announced – neither schools, nor kindergartens work today" - the head of the “Russkoye Ustje “ settlement Sergey Portnyagin has stated.

According to weather forecasts, the wind will weaken only by Friday.

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