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The Hollywood star is concerned over the situation in Yakutia. Video


“Recently, thermometers broke when temperatures reached near-record in the Siberian village of #Oymyakon (Republic of Sakha), known as the coldest inhabited place on Earth. The estimated temperature that night was around -62℃ (-111.6°F). Locals said they haven't recorded such levels in the past 15 years. #climatechange is posing a real threat to local people's lives and life structures, changing the soils, the fauna and the flora.”
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Russia and China to study Canadian and Siberian Cranes in Yakutia

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Ornithologists from the Yakut Institute of Biological Problems of the Cryolithozone of SB RAS and the Institute of Wildlife of the Beijing Forestry University of China are planning an expedition to the northern regions of Yakutia in the summer of 2018 to study the ecology and migration of Canadian Cranes and Siberian Cranes. On Tuesday, TASS learned from the research assistant of the zoological research laboratory of the Institute Inga Bysykatova.
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