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Snowdrop Day in Yakutia


Annually on May 18 Yakutia celebrates Snowdrop Day. Every year the number of these flowers decreases.
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Ice drift on the Lena River

2 Nature1 608x405

May 16 drifting ice reached Yakutsk. We visited Cape Tabaga and offer readers to look at this natural phenomenon.
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Anomalously warm weather in Yakutia

warmWeather 29 03 17

In Yakutia the average monthly temperature in March is 10 degrees higher than normal, last time this phenomenon was observed 27 years ago. This was reported by Deputy Chief of Hydrometeorological Service of Yakutia Yuri Dikhtyarenko.
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Temperature in Yakutsk reaches +

The air temperature on Tuesday afternoon in Yakutsk reached +1 degrees. This is evidenced by the data of Yakutsk Hydrometeorological Center.

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