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Ivanov Borisov
ALROSA is a state-owned company, it traditionally involves many important regional projects. On the other hand, the diamond company today is struggling for production efficiency, reduces operating expenses, and, in a new way, evaluates the degree of its participation in various social projects.
But there are priorities that continue to remain in the sphere of attention of ALROSA - motherhood and childhood, environmental protection, culture and art, health.

Ivanov Borisov 2
ALROSA remains the Russian leader in terms of allocations for social projects

In 2017, the volume of social investment of the Diamond Company exceeded 8.5 billion rubles. In an interview with the YSIA News Agency, ALROSA CEO Sergei Ivanov, said:

"We do not see the need to reduce the level of social spending. A certain work was done on its structuring, in December 2017, the Company's Supervisory Board approved a register of social projects."

One of the areas for which ALROSA is sending sponsor funds today is regional development programs in Yakutia, including a program of cooperation with municipal entities and uluses. For this purpose, the Company allocates more than two billion rubles this year, including allocations to the Fund of Future Generations for the construction of educational, medical, cultural and recreational facilities. The money is used for specific cases.

Three socially significant projects that ALROSA finances through the Fund of Future Generations

All projects of the Future Generation Fund are aimed at the social development of the republic. Today, the Fund has adopted and is working on a targeted program For the Future, designed to 2020.

Annually ALROSA transfers 700 million rubles to the Fund according to the agreement on social and economic development of Yakutia. The agreement was concluded in March 2011 as an integral part of the campaign to privatize the stock of shares of ALROSA, once owned by the republic. With these funds, the Diamond Company now finances the construction of two Children's Rehabilitation Centers in Mirny and Yakutsk and provides the activities of the Mirny Drama Theater.

Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adolescents with disabilities in Yakutsk

It officially opened its doors in March 2018. The Center was built at the expense of ALROSA's allocations to the Trust Fund for Future Generations of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). This was a really welcome event. Construction began in 2014. Now, more than 3.000 people will receive comprehensive rehabilitation assistance here annually.

Reabilitacionniy Centr

There are 10.000 children with disabilities in the republic, including 6.053 children with permanent disability. 1.742 children with permanent disability, as well as more than four thousand children with disabilities live in Yakutsk.

During the year, about 2.500 children with sensory, mental disorders, pathology of the musculoskeletal system will be able to undergo rehabilitation there.

Reabilitacionniy Centr2

In the Center there are not only medical offices - swimming pool, sports and assembly halls, student classes, playrooms, recreation rooms for children, a hotel for parents, a cafe, a canteen, and even a small stable.

It is clear that not millions, but hundreds of millions of rubles were necessary for the construction of such a modern building. Without attracting extra budgetary funds, it would be difficult for the republic to cope with such a global task.

ALROSA extended a helping hand. The total cost of the project - taking into account the costs of design, technological connection to engineering networks and other costs - amounted to about 787 million rubles. While the Center receives the first patients, ALROSA continues to supply the necessary equipment for qualitative rehabilitation.

Kharyskhal Children's Rehabilitation Center for Family and Childhood in Mirny

In 2019, Mirny plans to put into commission a new building of the Rehabilitation Center for Family and Childhood. This issue is being controlled by the republican government since 2013.

Kharyskhal is the only institution in Mirny district where comprehensive work is carried out to rehabilitate children from disadvantaged families. Today, up to 20 pupils can stay in the Center, another ten attend day care. For 20 years of the Kharyshal Center, 90 children have been placed in foster families.


The building, in which today the Center is located, is one of the first stone structures of Mirny. It was built in 1964. As the years go by, extreme wear and tear is already evident: cracked walls, obsolete foundation and engineering networks. Nyurba Mining & Processing Plant of ALROSA kept the building in working order at the expense of the enterprise and conducted repair.

The Center's employees are glad that the Kharyskhal will not have to change its location. A new modern building is erected next to the old one. Here everything is in walking distance. And children of the Center can go to gyms and a cinema, a hospital is located nearby.

The new Kharyskhal is designed for 30 beds. In the daytime, much more children will be able to visit the Center than before. The premises are planned to be equipped with everything necessary for qualitative rehabilitation, including a large sports ground for physical therapy and sports.


Additional donations of ALROSA make up a third of the cost of Kharyskhal - about 60 million rubles. Specialists of the Fund of Future Generations emphasize that such a rehabilitation center for Western Yakutia is invaluable. In the new building, the volume of assistance to children who find themselves in a difficult life situation will increase many-fold.

Mirny Drama Theater - the youngest in Yakutia

The State Institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 'Mirny Theater' was establishted by order of Vyacheslav Shtyrov, President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), on June 4, 2008 "... in order to develop the spiritual culture of the Republic and to involve the population in professional art."


On December 27, 2008, with the performance "The Snow Queen" (based on the play by Evgeny Schwartz), the theater began its work in the premises of the Universal Theater and Concert Complex Yakutsk.

The troupe consisted of graduates of the higher theatrical educational institutions of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yakutsk, Kemerovo, Voronezh, Saratov ...

The theater, of course, is not the most important in the life of a small northern city. But the inhabitants of Mirny consider it an integral part of the spiritual life of the Diamond Province. It is also symbolic that the Universal Theater and Concert Complex Yakutsk, where the theater is located, is next to the Holy Trinity Church and the "Three Swords" Square - a memorial zone dedicated to the victory in the Second World War. Every year, the theater troupe presents several new performances to the audience. The young theater leads an active creative life and participates in Russian competitions. At the Theater Festival-Biennale Desire Coast, which took place in Yakutsk in the spring of 2017, the Mirny Drama Theater’s "Rescue Chamber Junker Pushkin" was recognized as the best performance of the Festival.

"We work interestingly, honestly, and qualitatively, and the people of Mirny appreciate it," says Theater's Chief Director Aleksandr Svechnikov. "Of course, not every performance turns out to be of a festival level, but we have something to show to people from Moscow up to Magadan - all of Russia is ours."


The professional stage in Mirny became the site for such annual festivals as Yesenin Readings, Theater Spring. The best theaters of Russia and Yakutia are now frequent guests in the capital of the Diamond Province.

Actor and head of the Moscow Theater of Nations Andrei Mironov shared his impressions: "In small towns life is more difficult, there is not much support from local authorities. In this sense, Mirny is an exception because of ALROSA. I am very happy for the theater, it is in good condition and is technically fully equipped. There is a place for creativity."

ALROSA annually allocates about 14 million rubles for the maintenance of the Mirny Drama Theater.

ALROSA extends a helping hand


The most expensive crystals in the world – diamonds - are mined in harsh conditions by hard work. For Yakutia, ALROSA continues to be a guarantor of stability and prosperity. The social responsibility of business to the inhabitants of the region is still at a high level. In one of the interviews, the head of ALROSA Sergey Ivanov said:

"I have already visited most of our social facilities. I was at the construction site of the Rehabilitation Center in Yakutsk, which was opened in March this year. We are all proud being involved in the process of building such a wonderful facility. I got acquainted with the work of the kindergarten Semitsvetik, which was recently built in Mirny district. I want all our facilities to be cutting edge and their quantity to grow."