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Invention of Yakut scientists in ophthalmology

  • Published in InFocus
Scientists of the North-Eastern Federal University have developed a method for DNA-diagnosis of congenital cataract. This is reported by the NEFU press service with reference to the center of intellectual property of the university.

The authors are employees of the research laboratory of molecular biology of the NEFU Institute of Natural Sciences - Nikolai Barashkov, Aisen Solovyov, Fedor Teryutin, Vera Pshennikova, Georgiy Romanov, Nyurgun Gotovtsev and Sardana Fedorova.

According to the researchers, the invention relates to the field of medical genetics and ophthalmology. "Congenital cataract is recognized as the main cause of childhood blindness, as it causes clouding of the lens of the eye, which can subsequently lead to various visual impairments - until its complete loss,” explained the head of the molecular biology laboratory Sardana Fedorova.

The method of diagnostics developed by scientists makes it possible to obtain reliable results of molecular genetic diagnosis of the congenital form of cataract common in Yakutia in a short time.

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