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Il Tyumen and the Yeltsin Presidential Library will cooperate in creating a single information space

  • Published in InFocus
1200px Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library main entrance

The State Assembly (Il Tyumen) of the RS (Y) and The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library signed an agreement on cooperation. The document was signed by the speaker of Il Tyumen Aleksandr Zhirkov and the general director of the Presidential Library Aleksandr Vershinin.

Cooperation will be carried out in such areas as the creation of material and technical conditions for the access of users of Il Tyumen to the library's funds, including the Internet; replenishment and storage of the library's information reserve, including the use of the electronic fund of the Yakut parliament and information resources of the region (printed, manuscript, photo documents, audio-visual materials, etc.) on history, theory and practice of Russian statehood and the Russian language as the state language of the Russian Federation, with the training of experts, etc., the parliament of Yakutia reported to IA SakhaNews.


The Federal State Budget Institution "Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library" was opened in St. Petersburg on May 27, 2009.

State digital storage of digital copies of the most important documents on the history, theory and practice of Russian statehood, the Russian language, as well as a multimedia multifunctional (cultural, educational, scientific, educational and information-analytical) center with the status of the national library of Russia.

The important objectives of the institution are information support of state authorities, as well as information, technological and organizational support for international, federal and regional socio-political and scientific-practical events.

More than 200 organizations and citizens are involved in the creation of a national electronic resource.

Since 2013, the electronic portal of the Presidential Library has been broadcasting the best domestic popular science, documentary and educational films, video recordings of lectures on current topics.

For 2009-2017 the e-portal of the Presidential Library was visited by several million remote users.