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ALROSA chooses designer of a new airport of Mirny

  • Published in InFocus
Mirniy Airport 3
ALROSA chose the Lenaeroproekt Institute as the general designer of the airport

The project documentation should be developed and submitted to the State Expertise of Russia for consideration by the end of November this year. To finance construction work, ALROSA plans to attract, among other things, federal budget funds. It is planned to build a modern airport in a new place in 2022.

The decision on the reconstruction of the Mirny airport was taken by the management of ALROSA in 2004. In 2010-2011 the project of construction of a new artificial runway and ground infrastructure of the airport was developed, and in 2012 construction work began. However, two years later, due to lack of financing, construction work was suspended, the unfinished runway was mothballed.

In January 2018, ALROSA announced an open tender for the development of a new airport project. The winner of the contest was the state Lenaeroproekt Institute, which has extensive experience in the design of airport complexes located in climatic conditions similar to Mirny, including areas of permafrost spreading.

According to the design assignment, the airport project should provide for the completion of the construction of a new runway, connecting taxiways, a new apron and a service area. In size, the runway will be able to receive aircraft types Il-76 and Boeing 737-800. Closing the existing airport for the period of construction of a new one is not planned.

It is expected that the construction of the airport will be financed by ALROSA, and the airfield - at the expense of the federal budget.

"The operating airport was built many years ago. To date, this is the only airport of federal significance that is not in state or municipal ownership. Every year, we invest substantial money in repairing runways, airfield infrastructure, etc. As the diamond province will continue to develop, we have appealed to the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Transport with an initiative to work out the issue of building a new airport. ALROSA is ready to take on the financing of the construction of the airport complex, and the aerodrome part is to be built with the involvement of the federal budget. We plan to complete the construction of a new airport in 2022. From the point of view of comfort and safety, it will meet modern requirements,” noted CEO of ALROSA Sergei Ivanov.