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ALROSA Airlines replenishes the flying stock with Boeing 737-700

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alrosa boeing 737700
The aircraft already carried the first passengers of the airline. Another Boeing 737-700 is expected to arrive at the disposal of the carrier until the end of April.
This will allow to start phased decommissioning of physically obsolete aircraft, improve the efficiency of transportation and the quality of customer service.

Boeing 737-700 of 2009 release was made available to ALROSA Airlines under a lease agreement. The liner is designed for 136 passengers. The maximum range of the flight is up to 6.000 km, the maximum height is 12.000 meters, the speed is 850-880 km / h. Before the commencement of flights, it passed a full technical inspection in Europe.

“The first flight of this aircraft for ALROSA Airlines was performed in late March from Moscow to Sochi and back, transported almost 200 passengers,” says the Airline's CEO Andrey Gulov. “The schedule of the aircraft is drawn up for weeks ahead. Today the plane will depart from Mirny to Moscow, then to Sochi and further to Neryungri. The aircraft will operate scheduled and charter flights of ALROSA Airlines."

At the end of April, the aircraft will be delivered to Estonia, where the aircraft will be painted in the colors of ALROSA. Another Boeing 737-700, already decorated in the colors of the Airline, is planned to be delivered to Russia before the end of April this year.

According to A. Gulov, the two Boeings will allow ALROSA to carry out the phased decommissioning of physically obsolete Tu-134B and Tu-154M aircraft. The Airline will be able to reduce the costs of the existing route network due to the higher fuel efficiency of the aircrafts received, to improve the quality of passenger service, to expand the route network due to a significantly higher efficiency of the fleet of new aircraft.


JSC ALROSA Airlines is a Russian airline, carries out regional transportation in Yakutia, regular and charter flights across Russia, charter international transportation to CIS, Asia and Europe, freight transportation and special aviation works. It is based at Mirny and Domodedovo airports. Currently, the ALROSA Airlines operates 42 aircraft of 12 types, including three passenger Boeing-737-800.

In addition to regular and charter flights, the Company also provides ground handling of aircraft at airports such as Mirny, Polyarny, Aikhal, Lensk. The Airline is formed on the basis of Mirny Aviation Enterprise - structural subdivision of ALROSA, from January 1, 2013 it functions as an independent legal entity.

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