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Ex-candidate for the presidency of France is going to Yakutia

  • Published in InFocus

Former French presidential candidate Ségolène Royal is going to come to Yakutia. She said this in an interview with

She has just visited Russia, dealing with climate change and strengthening Russian-French cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic. In particular, in St. Petersburg, Ségolène Royal visited the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, the Hydrometeorological University, the Kunstkamera and gave a lecture to international students.

She leaves Russia, and as she hopes, for a little while. The next goal is to visit Yakutia, where the Pole of Cold is located.

Ségolène Royal in the past was a candidate for the presidency of France from the socialists, but then she lost to center-right Nicolas Sarkozy. In the next elections, her common-law husband François Hollande won Sarkozy. After the election, he left her for another woman, but then lost both his new life partner and the presidency.

photo greenparty,ru