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ALROSA builds Orthodox churches and gymnasiums in Western Yakutia

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It is easier for believers to work in difficult production conditions. A person is more calm and confident in the conditions of a psychologically uncomfortable environment of mining production and extreme, unpredictable conditions of the North. This conclusion was reached even by the most ardent atheists in the past. By the way, ALROSA lavishly bankrolls to strengthen the Orthodox faith in Western Yakutia.

Mirny Orthodox Gymnasium

So, this is what the Company built over these years chronologically:

- In 1999, the Holy Trinity Church in Mirny;

- In 2001, a temple in the city of Lensk;

- In 2007, on the eve of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, an Orthodox chapel was opened and consecrated at the Nakyn ore field;

- In 2009, the church of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk was erected in the village of Chernyshevsky;

- In 2010 the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was built in the city of Nyurba;

- In 2011, the Orthodox Church of the Nativity of Christ began to receive believers in the village of Aikhal;

- In 2012, the temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov in the town of Udachy was built;

- In 2017 the church of St. Nicholas was built in the village of Arylakh. In the same year, the church of the Great Martyr Varvara was built in the neighboring village of Almazny;

Mirny prospect

No industrial organization in Yakutia has built as many spiritual and religious institutions as ALROSA.

Orth gymnasium beautiful
Mirny Orthodox Gymnasium

In the city of Mirny in 2015, an Orthodox gymnasium was built for 200 people. The building was constructed by the Mirny Construction and Installation Trust of ALROSA. The building area is 1.858.32 square meters. In the erection of the building, the best methods of architectural design, the advanced design of the construction of religious and spiritual institutions were applied. The Orthodox Gymnasium is one of the most beautiful places in the diamond capital. Thus, ALROSA set a serious initiative for mining enterprises in the cause of religious education.

By Stanislav Alekseev, Mirny
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