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Upper Muna. The issue is the speciality

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Muna Svarshik

The State Committee for Employment of Population conducts systematic work to attract local people to industry. ALROSA Company provides 598 workplaces for work at the Upper Muna (Verkhne-Munskoe; Verkhnemunsky) deposit of the Udachny Ore Mining and Processing Plant. As the State Committee on Employment announced, the Muna field may provide for additional 200 vacancies in 2019.

In connection with good look-outs more than one and a half thousand people from Vilyui group of uluses expressed desire to work in the diamond industry. Thus, 300 people from Suntar, 630 from Nyurba, 400 from Verkhnevilyuisky, 350 from Vilyuisky uluses expressed their willingness to work on the Upper Muna site on a rotational basis. From the central uluses of the republic there are also many who want to work in the industry. Well, let them come and be tested.

As the director of Udachny Ore Mining and Processing Plant, Aleksandr Makhrachev, said: "We are open for specialists." It seems that people's attitude towards the choice of technical specialities is changing for the better. Hopefully the personnel training of ALROSA enters a new direction.


No speciality - no work

As it turned out, many people who want to work for the company do not have a corresponding specialization. I repeatedly wrote in the Kyym newspaper and Yakutia 24 Internet portal about the Mirny Technical College, Svetly Industrial College, and the ALROSA Training Center. So that rural youth could master technical specialities, constantly raise professional qualification. For today, when high-paid jobs are in great demand, finding work is much easier with the diploma of the Mirny Technical College, Svetly Industrial College, and a certificate of the ALROSA Training. It is necessary to think about the future in advance.

In the noughties, there was a practice of patronage between ALROSA and uluses of the diamond province. Thus, the Udachny Mining and Processing Plant acted as a patron over the Vilyuisky ulus, the Aikhal Plant over the Verkhnevilyuisky, and the Cultural and Sports Complex – over the Suntar ulus. But the uluses did not fully use these opportunities. It seems to me that the Suntar ulus could cooperate with Mirny Mining and Processing Plant, rather than the Cultural and Sports Complex. It is still the sphere of culture and sports, as the Suntar people need well-paid work.

Local people at ALROSA

Not everyone is destined to become an employee of a diamond company. Technical specialities are required for work at the Company. In addition, healthy people are needed to work in industry.

For today more than 4 thousand aboriginals work in various divisions of the Company. First of all, the Company keeps in touch with graduates of the Mirny Polytechnic Institute. They pass industrial practice here. There is an agreement on cooperation between ALROSA and the North-Eastern Federal University. To date, since the formation of the Mirny Polytechnic Institute, more than a thousand specialists have been trained for the ALROSA enterprises.

Today, more than thirty ALROSA scholarship holders study at the Mirny Polytechnic Institute. That is, the students and ALROSA conclude the corresponding contracts, and for them it is no problem to get a job. After graduation they get a job in the Company's divisions.

Mirny students
ALROSA and secondary specialized education

Those who have technical specialities are safe from unemployment. The Mirny Technical College and Svetly Industrial College for the past ten years have trained more than a thousand specialists for various branches of the national economy. This is a great merit of ALROSA. Today, graduates of the Mirny Technical College and Svetly Industrial College work in various divisions of ALROSA - Aikhal, Udachny, Nyurba and Mirny Mining and Processing Plants, Almaztekhmontazh, Almazavtomatika Trusts, Mirny Construction Trust, Mirny geological prospecting expedition and the Vilyui expedition, the Mirny mountain-drilling expedition, and geological sites. There are highly skilled specialists and miners at the Company from the uluses of the republic I hope that in the future the indigenous people of the republic will find their use in the teams of the Diamond Company.

big truck for ore

Ready for work?
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P.Ivanov (Suntar): In early February, ALROSA and the State Employment Committee of the Udachny Plant conducted a selection for work at the Verkhne-Munskoye field. They held a job fair for those wishing to work on a rotational basis, separately for residents of Krestiakh, Vilyuchan, Kokun, separately for the residents of Suntar, Elgey and surrounding villages.

The desire of the people of Suntar to work in industry is great, but many people do not have the specialization.

A.Makarov (Mirny): It seems to me that long ago it was necessary to open a technical college in Suntar, preparing specialists for ALROSA. But this was not even in the plans. The result is lamentable. People could not take advantage of a good chance to get a high-paying job due to a lack of appropriate qualifications.

V.Popov (Mirny): I came to Mirny from Suntar two years ago, and I cannot find a permanent job. I'm traveling back and forth between Suntar and Mirny. I have a residence permit in Suntar, so I tried my luck at the job fair for the Upper-Muna field.

There is a chance to get a job. I myself am a young father. I became interested in the shift method. Month of work, month of rest – this is what I need.

A.Nikonov (Lensk): I'm ready to go to Udachny. Ready to work at the Muna field. I have a driver's license of B, C, and E categories. I can work as a bulldozer driver. I'm married, have a small child. My wife does not work. I'll probably have to rent a house. Housing in Udachny is very expensive for me. I will work on rotation from Mirny. I need to feed my family.

V.Baishev: I came from the Megino-Kangalass ulus to my brother. I wanted to get a job at Internatsional'ny mine, but it turned out that the routine staff was full. Now I try my luck at the Upper Muna deposit as a driver and electrician. I hope I find something.

V.Alekseev: I'm from Nyurba. I have an apartment and residence permit in Mirny. That’s why I will try to get a rotation job at the Upper Muna through the Mirny Employment Center. Before that, I worked in the oil industry. They say that at the Udachny mine the pay is high. I'll try my luck.

Stanislav Alekseev, Mirny