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Bridgestone tests tires in Yakutia

  • Published in InFocus
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Head of the Bridgestone department of winter tires testing Chiaki Oyama

Yesterday, February 5, Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University hosted the meeting of the department head for winter tires testing of the Bridgestone Company, Mr. Chiaki Oyama, with acting rector Evgenia Mikhailova.

As noted by Chiaki Oyama, Bridgestone's department for the first time tested tires at very low temperatures at -40 Celsius and even lower temperatures. "It was a very interesting experience. Previously, we conducted tests in the spring and autumn, when the temperature was about -35. I could see that our tires did not blow out, but in the course of different experiments they moved away from the discs, and for the first time I saw that the wheels became "square" and solid, like plastic,” the press service of NEFU quotes Chiaki Oyama.

The products of different companies, withstand a limit of -39 degrees, added a representative of the corporation. "The fact is that the slightest changes in degrees affect rubber, and at -38 it behaves differently than at -40. So I'm very pleased that the -40 tires have performed well. Thanks to these tests, we have identified many problems, and, when we are home, we will continue to work on this," he said. All results and test data will be transferred to the Company's management.

Today Chiaki Oyama will visit the NEFU Arctic Innovation Center.  There he will get acquainted with the work of the scientific laboratory, which is engaged in the development and research of frost-resistant polymer nanocomposites.


The tests were carried out at the proving ground of the NEFU road faculty January 18 - February 3 within the framework of the 2012 cooperation agreement.
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