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More than 3 000 citizens of China arrived in Russia on e-visa

  • Published in InFocus
Cambodia E visa

A simplified visa regime was used by 5.1 thousand foreigners from 14 countries. The residents of China (3.3 thousand people) and Japan (1.6 thousand people) used the electronic visa most of all, the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East informs.

The citizens of 12 countries also used the electronic visa: Singapore, India, Bahrain, DPRK and others. "A lot of people live near the Russian Far East. If we talk about the Asia-Pacific region, then this is 4 billion people. Of these, about 150 million people join the ranks of the middle class every year, and these are potential tourists. The Far East is close to them: from Beijing to Vladivostok two hours to fly, from Tokyo and Seoul - also two hours. This is much closer than flying, for example, to Moscow or St. Petersburg. If we create the necessary conditions here, for the entire Asian civilization, the Far East will become the closest place of European civilization, and it is here that foreign tourists will arrive,” commented the Minister for Development of Russian Far East, Aleksandr Galushka.

In December, the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East developed and submitted to the government of the Russian Federation a bill on the entry of foreign citizens on an electronic visa through all the international airports of the Far East. Then foreigners will be able to come to Yakutia on an electronic visa as well.