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Find Out Your Destiny: The Tangkha Begins in Yakuia

  • Published in InFocus
    In Yakutsk traditional evenings of the Tankha begin, which will last from January 11 till January 14. At these evenings visitors can learn their future from healers and psychics of Yakutia and pass a purification ceremony.

    The evenings traditionally start with a worship ceremony of Tangkha Haan, who is a god of destiny in the Yakut mythology. The honored worker of arts of the Russian Federation and the honored artist of the republic Afanasy Fedorov will carry out the ceremony. Then a theatrical play will take place. Later it will be possible to ask questions to healers. The visitors will also be offered to participate in traditional Yakut fortunetelling games.

    "We have invited about 20 famous traditional healers, mostly due to people’s requests. Among them there is a head of regional branch of confederation of healers of Russia Yulia Nikolaeva, the famous psychic Maxim Duranov, the first winner of the competition “Bitva Extrasensov Yakutii” ("Psychic Challenge of Yakutia") and the participant of the “Zhdi Menya” (“Wait for Me”) show Sanaaya, who helped two sisters that have been separated all the way back in the eighties meet each other" — the director of the center of spiritual culture Valentina Bochonina has told.

     According to traditional Yakut customs, from January 14 to January 19 the Tangkha is taking place. Water creatures called “syullyukyun”  leave the ponds where they dwell. During this period, which is considered sacral, predictions come true, it is possible to learn a lot of things listening to hints of the invisible world. These days residents of Yakutsk address god of destiny — Tangkha Haan to slightly open the future.