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Ministry of Education and Science: 2017 is the most successful year for WorldSkills in Yakutia

  • Published in InFocus
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Yesterday the Yakutsk Industrial Technical School hosted the closing ceremony of “The Year of Championship” for WorldSkills and Abilympics in Yakutia. The event was attended by experts, participants in the finals of national championships, directors of educational institutions, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science.

2017 was the most successful in the history of the WorldSkills movement in Yakutia, noted in the Ministry of Education and Science of Yakutia. According to the results of the national championship finals Yakutia entered the top ten in the ranking of Russia. The national team of the republic won two gold, two silver and one bronze medal in the Russian final. This year, for the first time in the republic, all-Russian qualifying competitions were held with the participation of more than 1000 participants in 16 competencies. Approbation of the demonstration exam was also held for the first time. At the same time, the movement of Abilympics is rapidly developing in Yakutia - championships of professional skill among people with disabilities. In 2017, the regional championship was held in 8 competencies in Yakutsk and Neryungri, and the national team took part in the final of National Championship, where a representative of the city of Neryungri Evgeny Kurashev won a gold medal.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Yakutia Andrey Popov awarded the participants of the WorldSkills and Abilympics finals. The winner of "2017 Best Educational Institution” is the Yakutsk Technological Services Technical School.

Press Service of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RS (Y)