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Scientists of Yakutsk and Their Canadian Colleagues Test the Medical Robot for the Arctic

  • Published in InFocus
The robot while having light weight is equipped with channels of satellite, Internet and mobile communication.

Scientists of the Northeastern Federal University (NEFU) located in Yakutsk with their colleagues from the university of Saskatchewan (Canada) are testing the portable medical robot in the remote Arctic districts of Yakutia.

"The Canadian portable medical robot which we test at the Medical institute of NEFU and several hospitals of Yakutia is an ideal way of solving the problem of providing high-quality medical aid for Yakutia. This light-weighing device can be used by paramedics and nurses of rural hospitals which need consultation of profile specialists doctors", - Nikolay Dyachkovsky has told.

According to Dyachkovsky, inhabitants of remote places in Yakutia often have to wait for ambulance aircraft flights in order to reach the regional center or to get there by car in several days. Introduction of the portable robot will allow to treat bigger number of patients.