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Cloned Shepherd Dogs Have Started Working at the Federal Penitentiary Service of Yakutia

  • Published in InFocus
Cloned Malinois dogs have started service at cynological division of the FPS – two male dogs called Jack and Tom of 2 years old. According to experts, the dogs have been demonstrating excellent results so far.

"These shepherd dogs show traits of easy learning ability, quick mind and gentle disposition. They can work without paying attention to external irritants and weather conditions. Considering the fact it’s their first time ever being in the conditions of extremely low temperatures and they have seen snow for the first time in life we didn't even expect much of them. We understood that dogs might still feel shocked, that’s why patience and time are necessary. However with each day and every training, they showed the increasing signs of adaptation and socialization, and, despite cold, have begun to cope with tasks of the general and special course of training perfectly. And all this in the conditions extremely alien for them. Yet still there is also summer when they will be able to show all their best qualities and abilities. I am very glad that such assistants have appeared in our division", - the senior instructor of the cynological group Irina Babikova has noted.

The dogs have been bred by cloning in 2015 in South Korea. A year later shepherds from the Seoul laboratory have been brought to Yakutia. Then it was reported that dogs haven't passed the selection of the cynological center of Ministry of Internal Affairs for Yakutia.