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‘Orange’ service provider (France) will supply equipment for Lena River Shipping Company

  • Published in InFocus
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Representatives of Orange Business Services, international operator-integrator, visited the Lena River Shipping Company. 

The meeting was attended by the managers of the Irkutsk Regional Representation. Valery Greb, Head of the Technical Department of Communications, Radio Navigation and Informatization of the Lena River Shipping Company, expressed his gratitude for the cooperation that has been going on for the second year, and expressed his hope that the new solutions of Orange Business Services for the shipping company will introduce the latest technologies in the field of communications.

Valery Greb gave a short account of what systems the Lena River Shipping Company is using today to ensure the uninterrupted connection of shore services with vessels on the voyage. "If we have no special problems with the marine fleet, certain questions arise concerning river vessels. We would like ships that cruise down the northern rivers of Yana, Indigirka and Kolyma to be equipped with high-speed Internet. Unfortunately, due to geographical peculiarities of our region, we cannot provide reliable communication with these vessels, satellite communication on small northern rivers is unstable, and mobile is not available at all,” said Valery Greb.

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The continuous communication of ships is necessary not only for the transmission of voice messages, but also for sending information on the current hydrological and climatic conditions on rivers and seas.

The guests, having familiarized themselves with the existing capabilities of JSC Lena River Shipping Company, said about the possibility of implementing the Office at Sea program, which includes various opportunities in the field of information technology. They decided to develop a number of proposals specifically for JSC Lena River Shipping Company.

Orange Business Services specializes in high-tech solutions for business. It is one of the largest communication operators in the world - the data transmission network covers 220 countries and territories. In Russia, they stretched 8,500 km of their own fiber-optic network, communication channels in major cities, 22 nodal satellite stations.