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NEFU and Belgrade University will exchange students

  • Published in InFocus

Twenty years after the commissioning of the building of Natural Sciences Faculties of the North-Eastern Federal University, the general contractor of the facility, Deputy of the Serbian Assembly, the architect and the head of the Brothers Karić Company, Dragomir  Karić visited the university. He examined laboratories, training classes, the atrium and NEFU Botanical Garden, noting that the NEFU can exchange students with the University of Belgrade, the press service of NEFU reports.

Mr Karić noted the high professional level of the teaching and research staff of the federal university: "We have long-standing relationship with your university. If there is a desire, I think that it is possible to organize exchange programs between the NEFU and the Belgrade State University."

"Despite the fact that twenty years have passed, the building is in excellent condition without major repairs - this is the highest class, an indicator of the quality work of your builders. I am very glad that I visited the university on the Yakut land," Mr Karić said.

NEFU Press Service