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Yakutsk Hosts International Conference on Mathematical Modeling

  • Published in InFocus

8th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling is taking place in the North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU). More than 50 scientists from 10 countries of the world are taking part in it - Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy, Great Britain, Brazil, Japan, Belgium, USA, Kazakhstan and Russian regions, the NEFU press service informs.


Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tynysbek Kalmenov also takes part in the Conference. The moderator is Director of the NEFU Research Institute of Mathematics, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Ivan Egorov.


A mathematical model is a mathematical representation of reality. On the relevance of such a scientific  event, said Adviser and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a well-known physicist and regular participant of the Conference Germogen Krymsky. According to him, "Mathematical modeling has allowed to create a whole virtual world, which with the help of new technologies is gaining more and more vivid colors, appears in ever greater details."

"Experimenters, who are accustomed to doing actual testing, increasingly refuse this in favor of mathematical modeling, which speaks of its power in the modern world. The mathematical tools used in this process also progress rapidly and do not stand still, therefore, as an outside observer, I cannot help admiring the success of your science, since the Conference is working in various directions, new ones are added, many other topical issues are being considered,"- stressed the Academician.

The Conference is held every three years by the NEFU Scientific Research Institute of Mathematics in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the SB RAS.

Photo courtesy by Michil Yakovlev, NEFU