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Arctic expedition in the footsteps of Obruchev starts in Yakutia

  • Published in InFocus
Obruchev expedition

The expedition will follow the trail of the scientist and traveler of the early XX century, Sergei Obruchev. This was reported on Wednesday by one of the organizers of the expedition, Executive Director of the Yakut branch of the Russian Geographical Society Dmitry Solovyov.

"The expedition on the initiative of Sergei Obruchev's daughter will pass the part of the path in the north of Yakutia that the explorer laid in the 1920s, during the expedition a documentary film will be shot to perpetuate Obruchev," Dmitry Solovyov said.

The expedition left Yakutsk for Oimyakon June 28. From there, travelers on all-terrain buses will go to the mountains. The expedition will last 14 days; the group will pass more than 150 km from the village of Ust-Nera to Chon Mountain.

"The expedition coincides with the scientific practice of students-geographers of North Eastern Federal University, who during the expedition will study the Chersky Range discovered by Sergei Obruchev," Solovyov said.

Sergei Obruchev held three large expeditions in the Far East: in 1926, 1928-1930 and 1934-1935. As a result of these expeditions, the Chersky Range and the Yukagir Plateau were discovered; the Kolyma River with tributaries and many other rivers of the region were mapped, Chukotka was explored. After Obruchev's expeditions, the vast territory of Siberia that had been uncharted before, the depths of which were rich in minerals, became an integral part of the national economy of the country.