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Drones can help Yakutia save a lot of budget funds

  • Published in InFocus

These days, the operational group of the Emergencies Ministry of Yakutia redeployed to Srednekolymsk under the leadership of Arkady Savinov, who had previously monitored the situation in the village of Zyryanka. The monitoring flights performed by a drone, have already helped the government’s coffers save many hundreds of thousands of rubles.


Now the group of perspective development and application of UAV under the direction of Vadim Struchkov together with rescuers performs flights in the Srednekolymsky region. Flood monitoring in real-time allows to study the ice condition, to determine the place of congestion, and its size. And all this without using helicopters.


Head of the Sakha (Yakutia) Rescue Service Nikolai Nakhodkin said that the operational groups of the service are working all over the republic.

The Lena River this year did not bring surprises on the stretch from the border of Yakutia to Yakutsk, but on the way to the Kobiai region small complications began. Due to the difficult ice conditions the operational group of the Rescue Service of Sakha (Yakutia) flew to the villages.


Photo by Nikolai Fateev

Rescue Service of the RS (Yakutia)