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Prognoz will pass ethnological expertise

  • Published in InFocus
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The Ministry for the Development of Civil Society Institutes of Yakutia held a meeting with the management of JSC Prognoz. The parties discussed research on the impact of mining in the Vertikal’noye deposit on the habitat of the local ethnos. The objects are in the Kobiai ulus of the republic.

Last year the government of Yakutia and the joint-stock company Prognoz signed an agreement on cooperation. The Company undertakes to participate in the socio-economic development of the republic when the Company exercises the right to use subsoil in the territory of Yakutia.

At the meeting the management of Prognoz confirmed their intentions to assist the social and economic development of the Kobiai ulus. "Ethnological expertise of the company's projects in Yakutia will soon be carried out. This procedure will take place for the first time in accordance with the provisions of the federal law No. 44 On the contract system in the procurement of goods, works and services for the provision of state and municipal needs,” – said Sardana Gurieva, Head of the Ministry.

Today Prognoz holds many activities to reduce the possible negative impact on the environment. In particular, design decisions on recycling water supply, construction of a range of solid domestic and industrial wastes, cleaning facilities for domestic and storm sewage, the Company conducts environmental monitoring and ecological control.

The JSC Prognoz, 100% of shares of which belongs to Silver Bear Resources (Canada), since 2004 has been conducting a geological survey of the Endybal area in the Kobiai ulus of Yakutia in order to search for deposits of silver and gold.