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Vyacheslav Shtyrov: Yakut diamonds extracted without foreign experience

  • Published in InFocus
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Member of the Federation Council of Russia Vyacheslav Shtyrov at a meeting with students of the Polytechnic Institute, a branch of the North-Eastern Federal University in Mirny, noted the role of the Soviet ideological and theoretical platform in the formation of diamond industry.

"The entire production system of Yakut diamonds, including mining and processing operation, raw materials sorting, geological surveys, was created on the Soviet ideological and theoretical platform.

We have not adapted any foreign experience. In fact, we created an entirely new kind of industry based on existing technologies,” - stressed Vyacheslav Shtyrov.

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Director Albina Goldman stressed that the senator from Yakutia appreciated the technical equipment of the new facility after a tour of the new educational and laboratory building of the Institute.

"The equipment was provided by JSC ALROSA. Having mastered the work on prototypes of industrial equipment, our graduates come to the production as specialists who perfectly know the technical processes," – Albina Goldman added.