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Doctors saved the victims of IL-18 crash in the Yakut tundra

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In Moscow during the opening of the National Surgical Congress Deputy Chief Doctor of the medical work of Bulun Central Hospital Sergei Cherkashin, Head of 2nd Surgical Department of the Republican Hospital №2-Emergency Medical Center Artyom Starovatov and Head of the Trauma Center of the Republican Hospital №2 -Emergency Medical Center Gavril Sobakin were awarded with Certificates of Merit.

The tragic events of December 19, 2016 became a symbol of heroism of the Yakut doctors. Recall that on that day in Tiksi crashed IL-18 of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. 39 people were on board. All passengers and crew members were evacuated from the crash site and taken to the central district hospital in the village of Tiksi: 6 - in extremely serious condition, 28 - in critical condition. All of them survived thanks to the competent actions of the Yakut doctors.

"Our colleagues from Yakutia have done a tremendous job! Thanks to them survived all those who suffered on that ill-fated day. They are heroes!" - with these words, President of the Russian Society of Surgeons Igor Zatevakhin invited them to the stage and presented awards.

Chairman of the Society of Surgeons of the Republic Mikhail Vinokurov arrived to support his colleagues and take part in the National Surgical Congress, the press service of the Ministry of Health of the region reports. "It is gratifying that the Russian Society of Surgeons highly appreciated the work of colleagues from Yakutia. After all, thanks to the competent and coordinated action of the doctors, the victims were rescued. They were provided with the whole range of emergency specialized medical care, including complex emergency operations," - he said.

"We did our duty. The highest award for us is that the victims are alive and well," - Artyom Starovatov commented modestly.

"That day, in our district hospital, we deployed 38 beds to receive a large stream of victims. We, the doctors of the Central Republican Hospital, including the employees of the branch of Disaster Medicine Republican Center, before the arrival of the team from the capital, consulted experts of leading Yakutsk hospitals using modern telemedicine equipment. It was hard, but we managed," - said Sergei Cherkashin.

Despite the bad weather, thanks to the well-coordinated work of Disaster Medicine Republican Center, the Bulun Central Regional Hospital, the Ministry of Health of Yakutia and professionalism of the pilots, all victims were evacuated to the district hospital in Tiksi, and a multidisciplinary medical team managed to reach Bulunsky ulus in time to provide specialized medical care.
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