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Programmer from Yakutia comes through to the final in Paris

  • Published in InFocus
58e1a38c5b673As part of Past Glory team Artyom Vasiliev took second place in Google Hash Code Programming Championship. The final was held in Paris on April 1.

Google Hash Code is a team competition for developers, which has two stages. The global qualifying round is held online. The best teams are in the final of the championship, which takes place in Google's headquarters in Paris.

All tasks for the teams are taken from real Google projects. Last year the participants of the qualifying round had to optimize the delivery of goods with the help of drones.

Artyom Vasiliev is originally from Yakutia. In 2010, he graduated from school number 23 in Yakutsk, and then entered ITMO University (St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics).

Note that in 2015 Artyom Vasiliev won World Programming Championship in the team consisting of students from ITMO University. His team won the first place at World Programming Championship of ACM ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest), which was held in Morocco.

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