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Saint Petersburg cyclists are going to conquer the Arctic in support of bone marrow donation

  • Published in InFocus
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A team of 4 cyclists will travel 500 kilometers from Chersky to Pevek in search of donors.

On March 25, Ilya Gurevich, Aleksandr Kutishchev, Aleksei Savateev and Nikolai Savchuk will start from the village of Chersky. They will have to cover 500 kilometers along the coast of the Arctic Ocean to the city of Pevek (Chukotka). One of the main goals of the bike ride is the promotion of bone marrow donation.

Ilya Gurevich, captain of the team:

-       We borrowed the idea of charity bike rides from our European brothers - there such actions are permanent. In our country such a tradition just arises. We will pedal to ensure that residents of the Far North have the opportunity to find a bone marrow donor.

The Biobank of 1st Pavlov St. Petersburg State Medical Institute expects the emergence of donors from Yakutia, but does not have the material of donors of many peoples of the Russian Federation; children suffer from cancer everywhere, including about 300 such patients in Yakutia. In addition to close relatives, residents with the same set of genetic characteristics as the patient can become bone marrow donors, that is, representatives of the same ethnic group and/or nationality.

On March 23, 25 and 26, in the medical office of INVITRO in Yakutsk, actions will be held to replenish the National Register of Bone Marrow Donors.


"We will explain to those we meet on the journey that becoming a donor is not dangerous and the procedure does not differ from the blood transfusion. We hope that at least a dozen potential donors will be found, and this will help save someone's life," - Gurevich said.

By Yulia Shadrina