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Guinness record in Oymyakon

  • Published in InFocus
Velo Guinness

If Yakutia can not yet boast of a large influx of ordinary tourists, the various kinds of extreme sports lovers rush to come here and challenge the harsh elements, and possibly break some unusual record. The last vivid example - a group from Poland, Project VR has just returned from Oymyakon. Polish extreme athletes have attempted to set a Guinness record for cycling in cold conditions.

United around Valerian Romanowski, who has two Guinness records in various disciplines on a bicycle, and the project coordinator Vavzhinets Kuts and photographer Vaclav Laba, this group has done the seemingly impossible - Valerian within 48 hours at about minus 40 degrees, with no stop (except for short breaks to have a bite and drink) rode in a circle with a radius of 30 km in the village of Oymyakon.

The members of the group presented their project in the regional office of Russian Geographical Society. "Originally we had planned to go to Arkhangelsk, but when learned that there is such a place as Oymyakon, we decided to come here," - shared Valerian Romanovski.

On their return to Poland the necessary documents and photos will be sent to the UK, the Guinness World Records, where experts will consider and accept a decision on the official recognition of a record. And for the future, Valerian has already planned a new record - to ride the maximum distance by bike within one year. The current achievement is 120 thousand kilometers (more than three hundred kilometers per day)!