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Neryungri Airport is recognized as best airport in the country

  • Published in InFocus
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The rating is made for the airports of federal state enterprises.

Neryungri Airport received a special nomination "Best Russian Airport 2016" (among the federal state-owned enterprises) at the National Exhibition of civil aviation infrastructure, where they identified best airports and airlines, laureates and winners of Air Gates of Russia and Skyway Service Award. This was reported on the website of the event.

The exhibition takes place on February 8-9 in Crocus Expo in Moscow and devoted to the development of airport infrastructure, airfields, helipads and civil aviation in Russia and CIS countries. The event is timed to the anniversary of the civil aviation.

Evaluation of airports, noted on the site, was carried out by the following criteria: quality of customer service (passengers and airlines), operating performance, transport security, non-aeronautical activities of airports etc. The Expert Council includes representatives of Russia's leading airlines, various associations, journalists etc.

Neryungri Airport is a branch of ‘Airports of the North’ Federal State Enterprise, has an airport terminal for 100 passengers, Class B airport, artificial runway. The airport receives A-319, A-320, B-757, B-737, Il-76 aircrafts and the lower class.