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New technical equipment for the Russian army to be tested in the Yakut Arctic

  • Published in InFocus

Military experts are going in the shortest term to overcome the difficult route from Tiksi to Kotelny Island.

The specialists of Main Tank Forces Directorate of the Defense Ministry and industry representatives will meet in mid-February to test new and promising models of weapons, military and special equipment for the Russian army in the Arctic zone. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, Army General Dmitry Bulgakov.

According to Bulgakov, during autonomous march more than 2 thousand km long new technical solutions implemented in the samples of military tracked vehicles will be evaluated, "allowing at low temperatures (down to -60 degrees) to provide maintenance for at least three days of autonomy, necessary readiness of the machine to perform tasks, maintaining the desired microclimate in the crew compartment when driving on hummocks, deep snow in the polar night and snowstorms with wind speed exceeding 35 m/s, as well as in terms of other features of the Far North."
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