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NEFU scientists develop underground gas storage facilities in the Arctic

  • Published in InFocus
tarify na gaz v moskve s 1 iyulya 2015 goda dlya naseleniya
A joint project of a group of scientists of North-Eastern Federal University and Oil and Gas Institute under the Academy of Sciences of Yakutia on "Improving the efficiency of gas-supply systems in the Arctic region through the creation of underground gas storage facilities in hydrated state," has reached the finals of Skolkovo Petroleum Challenge in "Transportation and storage of oil and gas," reports NEFU Faculty of Geological Prospecting.

The project is aimed at addressing the problem of autonomous gas supply in Arctic settlements.

"Thanks to new developments it is possible once every few years to deliver and unload stocks of frozen hydrates in storages, built in the permafrost near the settlements. From there, the hydrates can be spent as required for gas supply of the village. Their storage term is virtually unlimited. At the same time there is nothing left after use, except for fresh water, which is an effective environmentally friendly solution," - says Rinat Atlasov.

The project is based on the study of the scientific staff of Oil and Gas Institute. "The newly discovered effect of "self-preservation" of hydrates allowed to take another look at the technology of transport and storage of gas hydrates. The challenges solved in the project have a strategic impact on a lot of branches," - said scientist Eduard Bondarev.

NEFU Press Service