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NEFU identified DNA of fossil animals

  • Published in InFocus

North-Eastern Federal University researchers together with colleagues from the South Korean Sooam Biotech Research Foundation Professor Hwang Kyu Chang and his assistant John Jang Han worked to identify the DNA of ancient fossils.

This work is the first step in a large-scale study of genomes of ancient animals, says leading researcher at NEFU Center for collective use Lena Grigorieva. "At this stage we have extracted the DNA of mammoths and other ancient fossils - bison, horse, rhinoceros, a dog and a wolf.  The second step of the genome deciphering will be carried out by Korean scientists in GEROMICS laboratory of the University of Ulsan. In the summer we’ll organize the third stage - the interpretation of the results, mathematical, statistical analyzes on the basis of our university," - the scientist shared.

It is important that the research will be conducted in NEFU laboratories with the participation of our specialists, so that they could also get the experience, says Head of NEFU Mammoth Museum laboratory Semyon Grigoriev. "Previously, we only acted as suppliers of paleontological material for foreign scientists. Now our challenge is to become one of the leading centers of paleo-DNA research in Asia, working as a team with the Korean and Chinese counterparts,"- he stressed.

‘Molecular Palaeontology’ International Center for collective use of NEFU Scientific-Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North was opened in March 2015 within the agreement on scientific cooperation for the project of "Revival of the mammoth and other fossil animals," which was concluded between the Federal University and Sooam Biotech Research Foundation  on September 23, 2012.

NEFU Press Service