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Medvedev promises to reconstruct the airport runway in Yakutsk

ap 24 04 17

This year, the reconstruction of runway № 2 at the Yakutsk airport will start," -  Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said April 21, 2017 at a meeting in Murmansk, during which major projects for the development of transport infrastructure in the North of Russia were discussed.

A billion to support farmers

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Yakutia will receive one billion rubles in 2017 to support producers of agricultural products under the state program of the Ministry of Agriculture, the head of the republic Egor Borisov informed RIA Novosti.

Traditional Natural Management in the Arctic

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Topical issues of traditional nature use within the framework of the economic development of the Arctic were discussed at a round table with the participation of subsoil users in the village of Saskylakh, the Anabar district, on April 14.

The Alley of Yakutia in Moscow

IMG 0499

The alley in honor of the 95th anniversary of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic will appear in the east of Moscow. This was reported by Yuri Kupriyanov, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) to the President of the Russian Federation, First Deputy Prime Minister of Yakutia.

Yakutia joins Moscow Ecological Campaign

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In Moscow One Million Trees Spring Campaign was launched on 17 April. It has been held in the Russian capital for the past four years; during this time about 1.5 million trees and shrubs have already been planted on the streets of the megalopolis.

Congress of ecologists started in Yakutsk

eco conf 05 04 17

Within three days, topical issues of ecology will be discussed; the foundations of “green” policy for the coming years will be worked out, the press service of the Head and Government reports.

Doctors saved the victims of IL-18 crash in the Yakut tundra

NagradaOtZatevahinaBUluntsam1 696x392
In Moscow during the opening of the National Surgical Congress Deputy Chief Doctor of the medical work of Bulun Central Hospital Sergei Cherkashin, Head of 2nd Surgical Department of the Republican Hospital №2-Emergency Medical Center Artyom Starovatov and Head of the Trauma Center of the Republican Hospital №2 -Emergency Medical Center Gavril Sobakin were awarded with Certificates of Merit.