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Indian Entrepreneurs have proposed to build Carbamide Plant

  • Published in Economy
индийские предприниматели
Representatives of the Indian corporation “Global Steel Holdings Ltd” met with First Deputy Prime Minister of Yakutia Pavel Marinychev and offered to build a plant where natural gas would be processed into carbamide.
инд предпр
As Corporation Head Ashok Kumar Singh said, the Company is engaged in iron and steel smelting, as well as the production of urea in many countries.In Yakutia, the Indian Company would like to build a plant for the production of urea and ammonia having a capacity of up to 2 million tons per year of both species.

"The plant will consume about 2.2 million cubic meters of natural gas per day for direct processing and energy supply. Sales markets are China and India.We would like to have continuous gas supply at reasonable prices,"- said the Company representative.

The plant can be built in 3-4 years and employ about 500 people.

First Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Marinychev noted that the Yakut side is interested in gas processing issues.

The meeting with Indian businessmen was attended by Economy Minister Valery Maksimov, Minister of External Relations Vladimir Vasiliev and others.

Carbamide (urea) is a chemical compound, a diamide of carbonic acid.

Carbamide - white crystals soluble in polar solvents (water, ethanol).

 Source: YSIA