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New quality of life in the Yakut Arctic

  • Published in Economy
In recent years, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has paid insufficient attention to the Arctic and northern regions of Yakutia.In accordance with the Decree of President of Yakutia Egor Borisov 2014 is declared to be Year of the Arctic.And now, in a relatively short period of time it is necessary to do everything necessary in order to improve, first of all, the quality of life.
The basis of the Republican Comprehensive Program on Social-Economic Development of the Arctic and northern regions of Yakutia for the period until 2020 is to move from the policy of optimization to the strategy of creating comfortable environment, said Head of the Regional Ministry of Economy Valery Maksimov.

The implementation of program activities is designed for two periods and associated primarily with the existing state programs; its effect extends to 13 regions of Yakutia.So-called "watershed principle" was used to develop the program – in other words, there is a connection to the rivers, uniting several areas, taking into account the existing territorial, logistical features of the regions.

One of the priorities of the program is to support the traditional industries - fishing, reindeer herding – from the part of the Ministry of Agriculture, including the development of industrial infrastructure: construction of facilities, the introduction of modern technologies.Fishing and reindeer herding, in turn, are the main traditional sector of natural resource use by inhabitants of the north of Yakutia.

The program is really big, because, despite the fact that these areas belong to the north and the Arctic, each of them has its own characteristics.A common problem still remains for almost all regions of the Republic - transport accessibility. In connection with this a decision was made to ensure that off-road vehicles should be used.

Improving the quality of life, of course, provides for an increase in capital investment – there is necessity to build a lot and practically everywhere.In the current environment there is no way to increase state financing.Thegoal is to expand the sources of funds.Including participation in federal programs.Major companies operating in the northern and Arctic regions are involved in the implementation of the program as extra-budgetary resources.Moreover, this mechanism is being implemented through public-private partnerships.Maksimov pointed out the project on the use of renewable energy sources (RES) as an example of such cooperation - construction of modular stations using solar and wind energy.

A wide range of areas provided for in the comprehensive program, does not mean that all problems should be solved only by the republican authorities, said the Head of the Ministry of Economy. “About a third of all budgetary funds allocated for the program, was distributed on a competitive basis.This should be an incentive to ensure that local managers, entrepreneurs are more active, including the development of small and medium-sized businesses to effectively use available opportunities”, - said Maksimov.

Thus, Comprehensive Program requires maximum concentration of efforts of the ministries, local governments, as well as the support and initiative of the residents of the Yakut North and the Arctic.