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Andrey Panov: Diamonds faceted in Yakutia are in demand all over the world

  • Published in Economy
Andrey Panov
Every year the demand for Yakut diamonds and jewelry products is growing by 5%, Head of the Republican Ministry of Industry Andrey Panov told YSIA October 24.

"Diamonds and jewelry made ​​in Yakutia are in demand both in Russia and around the world.Our diamond cutting industry has earned the trust, and in many respects it is a merit of qualified personnel who work in local businesses", - said Andrey Panov.

According to him, diamond-cutter and jeweler are very sophisticated professions."To facet diamond is hard work, because the necessary qualities are assiduity, patience and concentration, not everybody can do this.But jewelry - a work of art, and their creators put their heart and soul into it", - said the Head of the Ministry of Industry.

October 23 Day of the jewelry and diamond cutting industry was celebrated in Yakutia.This holiday originated in 1992, when the first diamond was cut in the Suntarsky diamond cutting plant. "22 years have passed since then.  Despite the short period of time, serious work has done.Many companies were established, some of them remained afloat during the global crisis in 2009", - told the Minister.

Now the Republic sells about 60% of diamonds to Belgium, Israel, China, Japan and Thailand. The Government makes every effort to simplify the work of our companies."The Government of Yakutia is trying to reduce administrative barriers, it was decided to establish a territory of advancing social and economic development "Diamond Valley", which will create all conditions for the manufacture of final product", - noted Andrey Panov.According to him, the main task of the state in this industry - not to make direct financial investments in private companies, but to assist them to work effectively, reducing barriers and providing access to resources.