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Number of ‘South Yakutia’ residents grows

  • Published in Economy
Thanks to the launch of new enterprises, more and more companies are becoming anchor residents of the ‘South Yakutia’ Advanced Development Zone. Such an opinion was expressed by Valery Tsivilev, Kolmar Group CEO.

"South Yakutia was created in a very short time. The very idea of creating Advanced Development Zone was supported by the region and the Government of the Russian Federation. By joint efforts the Advanced Development Zone has been registered in the shortest time. An anchor resident of the ADZ is the Kolmar Group of Companies. Here we have two residents - Inaglinsky and Denisovsky Mining & Process Plants. These are our basic residents. These companies gave impetus to attracting other residents - contractors who work on the extraction of open coal: Service-Integrator, SGT. Here is the "Aiko" company, which provides public catering for employees of ADZ residents. The "Belaz 24" company received the status of a resident. There is "Transfin-M" company, which provides equipment for leasing. Documents have been submitted for obtaining the status of a resident and an application to the Corporation for the Development of the Far East of Repair & Production Company of the Kolmar Group is being considered. Soon this will become our resident. It will be our own service department, engaged in all maintenance of mining equipment. The nearest such centers are located in Kuzbass. The equipment is large in size and heavy. In order to transport it somewhere, it is necessary to disassemble it in separate nodes. This is an expensive and time-consuming procedure. We decided to create a service center here. We were supported by the companies that produce this equipment. They also want to open their own service centers here. We will have a conglomerate to support it. It will be well serviced. The period of trouble-free use will increase. A number of other applications are being considered. ADZ is developing. Everybody sees the dynamics. When someone goes ahead, the others pull themselves up," Valery Tsivilev said.

‘South Yakutia’ Advance Development Zone was established in December 2016. A large mining industrial center is located in Neryungri district of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Currently, seven projects are being implemented on its territory with a total investment volume of over 32 billion rubles.

"Within several years, a modern legislative framework has been created in the Russian Far East that has allowed the formation of a new competitive economic space in the region,” said the Minister of the Russian Federation for Development of the Far East, Aleksandr Galushka. “For 4.5 years, thanks to these new mechanisms, 3.7 trillion rubles of direct investments have already been attracted to the region, and today the Far East is the leader in increasing investments in the economy among the regions of Russia. The results of 2017 show that growth was 17%, while on average in the country this figure was 4.4%. Behind all this, there are 1.200 new investment projects that diversify the region's economy. This is investment in industry, logistics, agriculture and tourism."

Since the adoption of the federal law "On Zones of Advanced Social and Economic Development," 251 agreements have been signed with the residents of ADZ for conducting investment activities with the amount of declared investments of more than 2.25 trillion rubles. The implementation of projects will create about 47.9 thousand new jobs.