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Sergei Ivanov on a working visit to Zimbabwe

  • Published in Economy
Sergei Ivanov, General Director of ALROSA, headed the delegation of the Company on a working visit to the Republic of Zimbabwe. He met with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to discuss investment opportunities in the exploration and mining of diamonds in Zimbabwe.

"At one time, ALROSA had experience in geological exploration in Zimbabwe. We closely follow the processes that are taking place in the economic and political life of the country, we are well aware of the situation in its diamond sector. The meeting with the President was very productive. We do not exclude the possibility of participating in promising joint projects in the field of exploration and diamond mining in Zimbabwe, we see great potential in them, although it is too early to talk about any specific agreements,” said Sergei Ivanov after the meeting with Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The Director General of ALROSA also held working meetings with the Minister of Mining of Zimbabwe and the management of the Zimbabwean United Diamond Company.

"We did not discuss specific areas where geological exploration or diamond mining could be carried out. Nevertheless, I am sure that there are many areas where the experience and expertise of ALROSA can be useful, and are in demand by our Zimbabwean colleagues," Ivanov said.