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The budget of Yakutia to increase by 4.2 billion

  • Published in Economy
budget to grow

The next plenary meeting of the State Assembly of Yakutia will consider a bill on making changes to the republican budget. In general, the adjusted revenue and expenditure parameters will increase by 4.2 billion rubles.

The draft budget adjustment was considered on April 23 at an expanded meeting of the profile committee of the parliament with the participation of government members, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy.

The changes made to the revenue part are related to the receipt of subsidies, subventions and other interbudgetary transfers from the federal budget. The total revenue increased by 4 billion 248.7 million rubles and will be 192 billion 924.8 million rubles, according to the forecast.

Target funds are used to support measures to balance the budget, for social needs, including the implementation of activities for the development of economic growth centers, the increase of the amount of children for preschool activities (under 3 years).

The expenditure part takes into account the results of the work of the government commission to improve the effectiveness of budgetary allocations. In order to ensure a balanced budget, proposals for prioritization of state programs and non-program expenditures are taken into account. Avoiding expensive purchases is provided. The schedules of carrying out, reduction of cost of separate actions, down to suspension are reconsidered.

The draft also provides for the redistribution of expenses for the repayment of accounts payable for the previous year and for ensuring co-financing of measures implemented at the expense of federal funds.

Thus, the budget parameters will be increased by 4.2 billion rubles. The income part will make 192.9 billion, expenses - 194.6 billion. The deficit will remain at the same level - 1.7 billion rubles.

The draft budget adjustment will be included in the agenda of the next plenary meeting, which will take place on April 25.