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New Process Plant at the 'Gross' Mine

  • Published in Economy
Gross 1

The gold-mining enterprise Neryungri-Metallik (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia), part of the Nordgold international company, has started the construction of the key facility of the Gross mine, the building of the gold recovery plant. There will be produced a finished product - gold-containing ingots (Dore gold).

Vladimir Shimokhin, engineer for supervision of the construction of basic facilities of the ‘Gross’ mine, said:

"The construction of the plant is carried out according to the schedule by the contracting organization JSC "NPO Akonit", 60 people work at the facility in two shifts. The course of construction of the plant is under special control. The plant is a high-priority facility, this is where the complex technological process of gold production will take place, when the precious metal micro-particles are transformed from the liquid phase into an alloy bar of Dore. The construction is carried out according to all existing rules for similar industrial facilities, in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation and Nordgold."

Gross 2

The entire infrastructure is being constructed at the building complex 'Gross' meets the necessary technical requirements and climatic conditions of the North. Buildings and all structures are designed for seismicity up to 8 points, and the temperature conditions of their operation are up to 60 degrees below zero. Therefore, all materials, equipment and metal structures undergo a strict entrance control upon admission to the facility. All certificates for compliance of the supplied products with the requirements of the project documentation are checked.

All the necessary building materials and basic technological equipment have already been procured, and the 'Gross' Plant will be equipped with units and equipment from the best world producers, Russian and foreign companies.

A comprehensive installation of the Australian company Como Engineers PtyLtd, with a capacity of ten tons per cycle, is envisaged for the desorption process, electrolysis, smelting of the cathode deposit (consisting of 80% of gold) for getting Dore gold bars and thermal reactivation of coal. The complex includes: a column for acid treatment of a saturated sorbent, a column for desorption of gold from activated carbon, electrolysis baths, a press filter, a drying box, a melting furnace and other auxiliary equipment. The entire desorption process will be automated, and managed using a special computer program.

Gross 3

After the launch of the ‘Gross’ mine and its reaching the design capacity, the staff of the metallurgical complex will be 340 people (170 people in one shift), who will work in the areas of ore preparation, heap leaching and enrichment, in assay and analytical laboratory, in the services of the chief metallurgist, chief power engineer and chief mechanic of the plant.