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Russian diamond classification system to be converted to international standard

  • Published in Economy
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In Russia there will be a new classification of diamonds, this can give a new impetus for the jewelry industry to entering the world markets, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

According to the head of the Scientific and Technical Directorate of Gokhran of Russia, Tatiana Gorelenkova, reconsideration of some provisions of the current Russian system of diamond classification does not mean its abolition. It will be in force, as before, but in parallel will be prepared one more, based on international standards, in particular - worked out by the World Jewelery Confederation CIBJO.

"The current Russian system is recognized by world experts. But it differs from those adopted in other countries. It's about creating a document that would meet our interests and the interests of Western countries in terms of classifying diamonds," Gorelenkova stressed.

In Russia, she said, there is still no single system comparable to the international classification system, there is no explanation of which Russian term corresponds to one or another term in English. This prevents the promotion of export-oriented products abroad. A unified system of notation will allow specialists to speak "in one language," unification of approaches and terminology will provide greater mutual understanding.

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