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New facets of Nakyn

  • Published in Economy
The management of the Nyurba Mining and Processing Plant of ALROSA conducts continuous work to improve the working and living conditions of its employees engaged in shift work.

2017 was marked by two significant events for the Plant: the commissioning of a new Administrative and Residential Building at the shift camp of Nakyn, and the commissioning of a new production building for the Mining and Transport Equipment Repair Workshop.

The new administrative building with a total area of more than 3 thousand meters meets all modern requirements: a dining room for 104 seats with high-performance equipment; a laundry for work suits washing; sanitary facilities (dressing rooms, showers, restrooms) for 390 people; warehouse for overalls; storage rooms for overalls (used to store things of workers leaving the camp); a medical center for pre-shift and post-shift examination; conference hall; offices for the issuance of task assignments and for engineering staff.

In 2017, a new production building for the Mining and Transport Equipment Repair Workshop was commissioned. With the opening of this facility, it became possible to increase production capacities for the maintenance of quarry dump trucks, which increase the planned indicators of the equipment in operation.

The downtime in anticipation of the repair of equipment decreased, since the box simultaneously accommodates six SATI777 Dump Trucks. This is especially important in the winter period, when dump trucks go off the line accidentally and promptly arrive at repair. Earlier the equipment was idle waiting for a repair place in the box in the street (to save fuel, the equipment had to be shutdown, which largely affected the life of units and assemblies, as well as the rapid wear of rubber, plastic seals and high-pressure hoses). Before starting to repair, the equipment had to be thawed, which led to long downtime.

The premises are equipped with a video surveillance system that allows you to monitor the production process continuously.

The automatic oil dispenser system installed in the new production building allows the operative replacement of oils, lubricating and cooling liquids of heavy-duty dump trucks and wheeled mining equipment, which allowed improving the production standards to a high level and saving time for maintenance and repairs.

The automatic fire extinguishing system reduces the risk of fire hazards, while preserving the health and life of the personnel. Equipping with facilities designed for exhaust gas evacuation, allows to ensure healthy working conditions for workers. Amenity premises are equipped with individual changing cabins and showers.

Sufficient height of the building and illumination made it possible to equip the new production complex with a bridge crane with a payload capacity of 25 tons, which greatly simplifies and shortens the time for carrying out repair work for heavy-duty trucks, meeting the safety requirements.

The box is equipped with working rooms with good daylight and electric lighting, which creates comfortable working conditions.

At the moment, Mining and Transport Equipment Repair Workshop is a modern, highly mechanized subdivision of the Nyurba Plant, the main repair facility of the Nakyn field.

Another key event at Nyurba Plant in 2017 was the efficiency of implementing measures for the transfer of all boiler plants of the Nakyn production site to crude oil, which helped to achieve significant savings in the purchase of fuel for obtaining heat. The economic effect of the measures taken to convert boiler houses to oil in 2017 amounted to more than 63 million rubles. The correct course for development has been chosen.

Anna Panchenko

Yulia Alferova