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The head of Yakutia on the need to train personnel for senile industry

  • Published in Economy
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The head of Yakutia Egor Borisov spoke about the development of economic activity, the role of personnel training and the importance of preserving languages at the plenary session of 7th Congress of Indigenous Peoples of the North.

"What is most worrisome for the residents of the North? Firstly, the lack of growth in the base of economic activity. It's about fishing and reindeer herding. I ask the government of the republic, in particular the State Committee on Arctic Affairs, to consider this issue at a cabinet meeting. It's time to do something with reindeer herding and fishing, indicators in these sectors do not grow for many years," Egor Borisov emphasized.

"Secondly, we are losing personnel, therefore, along with the development of economic activity, it is necessary to engage in training personnel for traditional sectors of the economy. It is necessary to find opportunities to stimulate the work of young people. This is not customary to say, but in some specialities there are no textbooks. Even existing textbooks sometimes do not correspond to modern realities,” added Il Darkhan, instructing the Ministry of Education and Science of Yakutia to make proposals.

Thirdly, the head of the republic instructed the government to clarify the situation with the language institute, which is within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. According to Egor Borisov, this organization needs to be activated regarding the preservation and development of indigenous languages.

Also the head of the region touched upon the theme of ecology and relations with subsoil users: "From the environmental point of view, we impose very strict conditions for mining companies. At the same time, we are always ready to consider and support your initiatives." 

"One third of the territory of the republic is included in the list of specially protected areas, where industrial activities are limited. Most of the lands of indigenous peoples of the North are located in such territories, so your active position is needed," the head continued.

Further, he asked the public organizations of the indigenous people of the North to expand their activities, not limited to the area of the city of Yakutsk.

"You must understand that the level of happiness of the population also matters. A resident of Yakutsk makes a noise to the whole world that he does not have asphalt. He goes and votes against Putin. A resident of the North who lives in a tent, with the hope of improving his life, votes for power. Therefore, in the sphere discussed today, the level of happiness must also be taken into account," said Il Darkhan at the end of the speech.

It should be noted that during the plenary session the delegates of 7th Congress of the Association of Indigenous Minorities of Yakutia re-elected Andrei Krivoshapkin as the president of the organization.