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ALROSA and Profalmaz: Everything for working man

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Following the results of 2018, 80% of ALROSA employees are members of Profalmaz. It is worth noting that the trade union has more than a thousand unemployed pensioners, more than 400 people - students aged 18 to 22 years.

Trade union meetings took place at the enterprises of ALROSA with participation of the management of the Company. The business issues of labor relations were discussed. Acute issues were not ignored.

The major point is the discussion of the collective agreement. This document provides for the improvement of labor conditions and social protection of the team. Collective agreement - is the protection of labor, health issues, vacation travel, compensation for work-related injuries, issues where various benefits provided for by law are regulated. The basic document of the relationship between ALROSA and Profalmaz in 2017-2019 was redefined, where the rights and benefits of employees were significantly expanded.

The collective agreement spells out all social aspects. In particular, payment of wages, monthly, quarterly, annual bonus, 13-month salary is stipulated. The document takes into account the development of production and the change in labor relations associated with the transition to a mine mining method.

The requirement for appropriate working conditions is quite natural; it is fully reflected in the collective agreement. The collective agreement primarily refers to the protection of people at hazardous production site (mines, quarries, aviation), their interests.

Let's pay attention to such a moment of the Collective Agreement. This is Clause 11- Health and Environmental Safety of Workers. This is a very important point where the company guarantees industrial safety. For example, the company undertakes to provide employees of long-distance geological sites, drivers, servicemen of winter roads, employees of linear services with modern means of communication - radiotelephones and walkie-talkies.

There is such an order in the mines and quarries. Each shift supervisor, labor protection commissioners, must carry rapid gas analyzers. Laboratory analysis is mandatory. Ventilation equipment, automatic gas analyzers at each hazardous production site. Training in safety precautions and staff development should be conducted.

Clause 11.2 is special. It concerns environmental safety. The item Environmental protection ensures environmental safety of production. And for this, the state of the environment is constantly monitored. Advanced technologies for neutralizing harmful substances are introduced. The industrial sites produce works on reclamation, restoration of the natural environment.

Clause 11.3 of the Collective Agreement took into account the criticisms of the team. This is the strengthening of medical care for workers. The ALROSA medical center occupies an important place here. There are all conditions for the workers to examine their health at the expense of the Company.

There are resorts and sanatoria for the Company employees. According to clause 11.3 of the Collective Agreement, all employees involved in hazardous production must undergo compulsory medical examination. This is required by labor law.

If you pay attention to Clause 11.4, in the case of work-related injuries, occupational diseases, compensation is provided.

The task of the employer is to strengthen compulsory health insurance in all divisions of the Company. Let's see what compensation is provided for accidents at work. In case of death of an employee at work, compensation starts at 2 million rubles. The worker who has received an industrial trauma can count on 400 thousand rubles. And if as a result of an injury the employee becomes disabled, he gets another 300 thousand rubles.

According to the insurance case, an employee suffering from occupational diseases can count on 300 thousand rubles based on the diagnostic results.

According to Clause 11.5, all workers are provided with special clothing and protective equipment.

Further, Clause 11.6 regulates the nutrition of the Company's employees. Special control is required by the "special food" of workers involved in hazardous production.

Clause 11.7 refers to the work and functions of the labor protection authorities. About how the joint commissions on labor protection are organized between the Company and Profalmaz.

All these measures are of great importance for the protection of workers' rights, improvement of working conditions. The document has the prospect of further improving the labor of workers.

Stanislav Alekseev, Mirny
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