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ALROSA 2018: Interest in New Technologies

  • Published in Economy
Technology development - a guarantee of quality

The introduction of new technologies is a time requirement for ALROSA. Throughout the world, production is developing in the accompaniment of digital technology, scientific innovation. The equipment for enrichment processes is changing, new technologies are being introduced.

The Yakutniproalmaz Institute has a program for the development of innovations and technologies for 2018-2025. Thus, the introduction of innovations and new technologies is in full swing at ALROSA.

Repair and Construction Specialized Control is changing

Repair and Construction Specialized Control (RCSC) is one of the most important subdivisions of the Mirny Mining and Processing Plant. In recent years, the enterprise has undergone significant changes. So, a repair area was opened for the equipment of the Mirny Mining and Processing Plant, plant and mine equipment.

For example, German Ritz couldn’t be pumping salty water from the Mir quarry without the participation of the RCSC. Salt water with hydrogen sulphide quickly disables pumps, and only the RCSC has the necessary equipment to replace their parts.

Injener AntonSofronovIn the RCSC, the welding of pipes is carried out in the most modern and effective way. For cutting metal they use a plasma saw. Young engineer Anton Sofronov works very quickly and efficiently. It should be noted that there is no such technology in Yakutia anywhere else.

2018 - Year of technological renewal of Plant №3

In 2018, they simplified the ore flow. The ore now passes through a single continuous conveyor from the screen section to the heavy medium separation. Thus, they not only greatly reduced the ore path, but also excluded the downtime of the conveyor.


In recent years, the Mirny Mining and Processing Plant has been working with the Russian research association Burevestnik. To enrich the ore, now they use completely new equipment, which passed the test in the Plant number 3.

Thus, Mirny Mining and Processing Plant is carrying out a large-scale modernization. In addition to the latest equipment, the entire production process can be traced by special monitors: bunker, mills, screens, pumps, ore flow, pulp outlet - everything can be traced. Everything that is happening is under the supervision of the dispatcher.

Digital technology introduced at Aikhal Palnts №8 and №14

In 2009-2017 at Aikhal Plants, new technologies were developed very intensively. For example, the digital technology was introduced in the foam sorter of Plant No.8.

Last year, the valve-inductor motor was installed on the mill # 1 drive. The equipment for flotation, screens and separator was updated. The tailings pond is equipped with a Warman pump (Canada).

At the Plant No. 14, there was a complete replacement of the equipment, starting from a device for grinding ore up to X-ray luminescent sorters. In recent years two units of equipment have been replaced at the heavy separators site, the mill lining has been replaced for rubber.


Washing Plants of the Automation Tools Complex  (ATC)

Automation Tools Complex is used at Mirny Mining and Processing Plant for repeated washing of sand with small diamonds. For the first time, ATC was used in MIrny eleven years ago. After a successful test in 2014, a second washing plant was installed. There are many washed sands around Mirny. Therefore, washing plants will be in demand for a long time.

Autographs for ALROSA

At the motor depots of the Aikhal Plant, new ‘Autograph’ devices are used. Today, the movement of the technical staff is monitored through the satellite systems of Glonass and JPS. What kind of cargo, where to go, what breakdowns are predicted, the reasons for downtime - everything can be traced through the monitor.

The transmitted data is recorded in the control room. Today, almost all the equipment can be watched through the ‘Autograph’.

Navigators and receivers

The Mirny Road Administration is a road division of ALROSA. Here all cars for long-distance runs are equipped with JPS-navigators.

All stopovers - from Taas Yuryakh to Chona, Nepa and 240 km are equipped with satellite dishes, modern radio stations.

All cars and stopovers of the Mirny Road Administration have American Wertex Standart UX 1700 transceivers (radio stations).

Methane instead of diesel fuel and gasoline

ALROSA spends 2 billion rubles on fuel only for a year. Today, instead of diesel and gasoline they begin to use methane, which is several times cheaper.

In Mirny and Aikhal, gas engine stations have been operating since 2017. For today, a technology is being introduced, in which gasoline fuel will be used at -60 degrees Celsius. It is known that the damage from gas engine fuel is many times less, in comparison with gasoline.

The Company has a special program for the development of technology and the introduction of innovations in 2012-2018. This is a search for economical ways of mining diamonds, saving energy, using information technology, enriching, automating production and much more. The Lensky AutoTransport Enterprise No. 1 of Almazdortrans also participates in this. The Volvo cars of Almazdortrans also use this technology to save fuel.

Innovators are encouraged

The Nyurba Mining and Processing Plant has encouraged the personnel of the Plant No.16 for saving resources in the enrichment process. In order to stimulate young innovators, the Yakutniproalmaz Institute assigns quite substantial bonuses. The Mirny Mining and Processing Plant has a special technical department to receive rationalization proposals. Thus, all the promising efficiency proposals are fixed. The author of the efficiency proposal gets up to 20 thousand rubles extra to a monthly salary. This is how the Company stimulates the labor of innovators.

Stanislav Alekseev, Mirny

Photo by Slava ‘Gelio’ Stepanov