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‘Kolmar’ to produce mineral water

  • Published in Economy
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Anchor resident of ‘South Yakutia’ Advanced Development Zone to launch production of mineral water, website of the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East reports.

"There are reserves of fine mineral water here. Its composition it is roughly analogous to Truskavets. There is a well; the exploration was carried out long before us. It, of course, is no longer working. But we have our own equipment, we drill wells ourselves. This year, we will start drilling, and I hope that we will reach this horizon and will extract mineral water,” said Sergei Tsivilev, the general director of the MC Kolmar.

He explained that in the beginning the extracted water will be used for the needs of employees of the Kolmar enterprises.

"As always, we do everything first for our employees. And only then we enter the market. We will have seven thousand people, they also have families, that is, we can multiply by three. This is quite a large number of people," he said.